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A few days ago, I was thinking about some blogging ideas and topics I had for future blog posts and I thought it would be a great idea to share some of these things with all of you! Occasionally I have blogging blocks and whenever that happens I look back onto my trusty blogging diary where I write down any ideas no matter how random they are (and trust me some are suppperrrrr random) each month and see if any of them spark my interest. I would definitely recommend using a notepad that you take with you wherever you go so you can quickly write down any thoughts you have without the risk of forgetting them.

I hope you like my ideas ❤️

  •  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) –  where you discuss any questions that your readers have had like when did you begin blogging, what photo editing tools you use and how often do you post for example.

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  • DIY – Instructions on how to make or build something that you think your followers would find interesting and enjoyable to make 

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  • Workout Blogs – share your favourite workout or fitness video or routine (you can check out my post about this here

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  • A Day In My Life… – Document everything you do in your day including meals you eat and places you go to

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  • Writing Tips – Some tricks and tips you have learned about how to improve and better your writing

  • Your Favourite Recipe – Make a post about your absolute favourite recipe; whether its a delicious salad, a mouth watering pizza, a scrumptious pudding or just your favourite cereal combination! 

  • Fav Fashion 5 – Your 5 favourite clothing items that you have been absolutely loving recently! Make sure to tell your readers why you love these particular clothes. You could also do this idea with one particular aspect of an outfit like the pants, accessories or tops

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  • Everyday makeup tutorial – Share your current everyday makeup tutorial that you love featuring your ‘holy grail’ makeup products

  • ‘Beauty on a budget’ makeup look – Everybody loves a makeup look using only cheap products that you can find at your local drugstore. Brands include L’o’real, Revlon, NYX and Colourpop (one of my fav makeup brands ever)

  • Review – You could do a review on practically anything including a book, movie, travel destination, makeup product, clothing product or brand in general. Make sure to give it a final rating. Take a look at my review of the Wonder Woman movie here 


I hope that these blog post ideas helped to inspire you to write if you ever have writers-block and can’t work out what you want to write on your blog!

Please stay friendly in the comments section below and have a great day! 🙂


Love Misabella xx 




Wonder Woman Review…

Hi guys, 

So I know, I know I haven’t posted on this blog for about a month! I did actually post something about my top 5 lush favourites but  somehow,  all of the picture and bits of the writing deleted. As you can guess… that sucked. But I realized what I accidentally did to delete everything so in a way it was good, because now it won’t happen again.

Just letting everybody know I am certainly not abandoning this blog, I just have been really really busy and when I did plant to post I had a horrible day of sickness.

I have always been planning to write a review and since I saw the movie Wonder Woman less than a week ago, I decided it would be a great time to write one…

First of all, the great thing about this movie is that it set DC (the company that created Batman, Superman and other superhero movies) on track after their recent films Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad were deemed ‘flops’ by movie critics. Believe me, as an avid DC fan it is so relieving to know that the company can still make correct marketing choices and decent content in their films. 

The acting in the movie is also incredible, having an absolutely  stellar performance from the lead in the film, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and also Chris Pine (Steve Trevor). The acting is so realistic that you believe that there is a genuine relationship budding between the two protagonists. Even the side characters who play a less important role in the movie shine.

Also, I can not get over how amazing of a role model Wonder Woman is to young girls all around the globe. This superhero encourages them to always remember that they can be powerful and fierce and inspires them to unleash their inner warrior. Again, if it wasn’t for Gal Gadot than this film would never have had that type of impact.

Another interesting aspect of the film is that it actually focuses a lot on the origins of Wonder Woman.  I think is really great because it informs people about where she was born, how she grew up and why she became the iconic hero she is today. Her homeland is portrayed extremely brilliantly whether it is the intricate details on the Amazons shields or the colossal mountains of her home.  It is very hard to nail an ‘origin’ film as they are an easy target for harsh critiques and can often change up and make alterations to a backstory.

Oh and finally I have to mention how unlike a lot of superhero movies, there is a balance between fighting scenes and actual content. So many films these days are 95 percent action scenes and battles where only 5 % is the actual plot.

This movie is so touching, emotional, deep and resonating (with a touch of humor!)  and will stay with you forever after you watch it.  So be sure to check it out at your local cinema (no this is not a promotion).

Overall I believe this film was fantastic and I would definitely watch it again. I give the movie Wonder Woman 9 out of 10 stars!


P.S sorry I know this review was quite short and it is my first one ever so please take it easy on me, but tell me if there were any improvements I could make and what you think of the movie if you have seen it 🙂 

Please stay friendly in the comments section below and have an amazing day.

  • Love Misabella xx