Sole e Luna (My Poem)

Hello there,

This is a sonnet I wrote for a project and the title means Sun and Moon in Italian. Just a disclaimer, I am not some professional poet and this is my first attempt at writing a poem, so if it is horrible please do not judge. Here it goes….

The glowing medallion in the sky

Travels across the blue expanse

A puppeteer to moving shadows

A blanket of warmth to a shivering child

Speckling those who bathe in his glory

With freckles dotting along their nose

A ball of fire, emitting forceful energy

To those who gaze upon his heavenly body


The shimmering face illuminates the dark

Reflecting off the still, silvery waters

The lapping tides at her absolute command

She casts a spell on the coal, black night

A changing being, waxing and waning

Luna rests as the golden light envelopes the night


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Love Misabella xx


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